Connecting educators & pupils with learning applications & classroom tools in a simple & secure way.

Wonde is a leading provider of cloud-based school data management, operating securely in over 22,000 schools across 56 countries in 5 continents. It is Wonde’s principal aim is to reduce the friction of adoption, access & use of education technology for schools.

Working as data integration specialists, Wonde provides the ability to securely manage school data (i.e. student details, teachers, parents, attendance, assessment, behaviour, classes, year groups etc.) with third-party applications.

Wonde understands the importance of accurate, timely data especially when it comes to providing support and continuity in education, which is why their system has been designed and built to integrate seamlessly with the school’s Student Information System (SIS).

Through embracing innovative technology whilst operating at the highest levels of security, Wonde’s system ensures learning is supported and enhanced while data is kept maintained, managed and accessible. It enables school administrators to work with total confidence, while third-party applications can be kept up-to-date with all the pre-approved changes made within the SIS.

With offices in the UK, Australia and the Philippines, Wonde continues to provide innovative, secure and simple data management technology solutions to Country States and Territories, Government partners and Schools across the globe and, as a result, are well placed to play a key role in the big issues in education today.

For more information, visit www.wonde.com.