Connecting educators & pupils with learning applications & classroom tools in a simple & secure way.

Wonde is a premier data management specialist, trusted by 29,000 schools and groups of schools across 60 countries in5 continents, 600 third-party EdTech applications, and governmental bodies in the United Kingdom and Australia.

We integrate safely and securely with a school ‘Student Management Information System’ (SMIS), providing instant access to real-time data. Schools and their key stakeholders have the ability to maintain, control, and harness sensitive data in a highly powerful and effective way.

Notably, the Department for Education (DfE) in England relies on Wonde to acquire daily student attendance data from 20,000 schools across the country, making informed decisions on real-time data.

Wonde automates the data-sharing process from a school’s SMIS with DfE. Data is synced daily, and this allows a quick and effective impact on policy, the ability to accurately channel resources, and monitor the impact of initiatives.

The transformative benefits of real-time data

  • improved decision-making
  • early intervention and support for students
  • more equitable resource allocation
  • better monitoring and evaluation of programs
  • enhanced transparency and accountability
  • more effective strategic planning.

Wonde is committed to helping schools overcome the challenges of integrating their data with EdTech suppliers and local and national government bodies. We believe our data integration solution is an essential tool for achieving this goal and contributing to the vision of realising the potential for technology in education to drive positive change and improve outcomes for students and schools.


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