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For 50 years, Times Higher Education (THE) has been a leading global authority in higher education around the world through powerful insights, analysis and news.

Since launching the World University Rankings in 2004, we have collected more than 9 million individual datapoints from 3,500+ universities in over 100 countries and regions, creating an unrivalled proprietary dataset and establishing THE as a world leader in higher education analytics.

Coupled with a website reach of more than 30 million annual users and access to primary data, THE offers professional solutions to support national higher education sectors by informing, measuring and supporting strategic and tactical goals and providing in-depth peer analysis. Trusted by governments, higher education institutions and organisations across the globe these solutions include a suite of data dashboards providing unparalleled insights and comparisons into university performance, as well as bespoke consultancy services to diagnose areas of strength and provide evidence-based guidance on implementation of recommendations for improvement.

THE works with governments around the world to support the development and execution of higher education policy, from furthering internationalisation to building effective, sustainable strategies aligned to their unique missions. Current work includes projects with the Government of Thailand, Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education and Russia’s Project 5-100 excellence initiative.

You can learn more about our solutions here or contact our team to find out more about how we can support your goals by contacting consultancy@timeshighereducation.com.

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