Seesaw is trusted and loved by 25 million educators, students, and families in 170 countries worldwide and is the only elementary Learning Experience Platform that offers a suite of award-winning tools, resources, and curriculum for teachers to deliver joyful, inclusive instruction. Through interactive lessons, digital portfolios, and two-way communication features, Seesaw keeps everyone in the learning loop by providing continuous visibility into a child’s learning experience to support and celebrate their learning. Seesaw’s award-winning instructional platform is grounded in research, designed by experts, and aligns to country-specific standards for Canada, England, Scotland and Australia. Lessons are available in English and Spanish with inclusive messaging options for families that translate into 100+ languages. Seesaw has also been awarded the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Seal of Alignment demonstrating powerful instructional tools that deliver a high-quality learning experience aligned to the leading digital age standards.

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