Joy School English

Joy School English

Speak confidently, connect meaningfully with Joy School English–a new and better way for young children to learn English and character building values.

Joy School English is a vibrant, digital program that uses cutting-edge speech recognition technology to teach English and character-building values to young children. Packed with proven instructional strategies and research-based activities focused on oral language, Joy School English puts kids on the fast track to English fluency while incorporating social and emotional learning.

Oral Language Development

Speaking and listening are the building blocks of true, communicative language ability. Many programs teach kids to read, but Joy School English teaches them to read and speak English confidently, thanks to the strategic emphasis on oral language.

A.I. Powered Speech Recognition Technology

Joy School English uses cutting-edge speech recognition technology to analyze speech, allowing the program to adapt to each child. This personalized experience—enhanced by artificial intelligence—optimizes oral language instruction.

Social & Emotional Learning, Character-Building Values

Universal values such as honesty, positivity, and respect are blended into the Joy School English curriculum to support social and emotional learning in young students. Equipped with these tools, children are empowered to succeed as productive and joyful global citizens.

Our Mission: A life full of meaningful connection

Joy School English is produced by Alegra Learning, an education technology company dedicated to the use of technology as a catalyst to help children build a life full of meaningful connection. Based in Provo, Utah, USA, Alegra Learning unites the finest minds in curriculum design, technological innovation, and multimedia creativity to craft impactful experiences for young learners around the world.

Research and Data

Background Research

White Paper: Oral Language and Literacy

Data Study: English Language Acquisition

Joy School English Overview and Efficacy


Overview of Joy School English

Student success story

Deeper learning: four domains of language learning

Daisy Chain: A.I. powered interactive speaking tool


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