We believe that through learning, people have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and in the world — and that research, assessment and measurement have valuable roles in helping everyone chart their unique paths to new possibilities. Since our founding, we have been on a journey with students, educators, partner organizations and others within the learning ecosystem to create a world where all people can discover what is possible through education. Now more than ever, we are proud that our research, products, and services provide measurement data and innovation that help individuals to see and take the next step forward in their education or career — just as we have for the last 70+ years.

ETS Assessment Services leverages our processes, IP, and platforms to develop the best solutions for our clients. Building on our decades of experience, we customize consulting and assessment solutions to deliver added value to our clients’ existing measurement systems. ETS Assessment Services offers professional and managed services including diagnostic reviews, developing frameworks and content for learning and assessment, platforms for delivery and scoring, licensing ETS IP, and AI tools to propel clients’ systems to the next level.

You can contact the ETS Assessment Services team at to talk about how we can collaborate with you to transform your education and workforce programs.

Examples of client relationships:

NAEP — For more than 30 years, we have supported the National Center for Education Statistics in developing “The Nation’s Report Card,” an ongoing assessment of students’ academic performance.

PISA and PIAAC — ETS supports the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development® in developing these international assessments of student and adult skills.

PARAKH — The National Council of Educational Research and Training selected ETS to support the setup of India’s first national assessment regulator, PARAKH, which will set norms, standards and guidelines for student assessment and evaluation for all recognized school boards in India.

Ireland Leaving Certificate Exams — Ireland sought to implement a system of accredited grades to supplement in person high school senior exams. Its Department of Education and State Examinations Commission contracted with ETS to re-implement and enhance a complex statistical model based on historical data and teacher input to calculate the Accredited Grades element of the Leaving Certificate results.

SAT® and AP® tests — ETS has served the College Board® for nearly 70 years on assessments that inform admissions, enrollment, audit, and placement decisions.