The K-12 platform of the future, today

The Edsby social learning environment has been putting the connections between people, not just documents, at the center of K-12 education around the world for more than 10 years.

Edsby enables in-class, hybrid and online learning, and rich communication between students, teachers and families—all aimed at driving K-12 student success. School districts, states, provinces and countries use Edsby for learning management, assessment & reporting, analytics and student well-being. Edsby has an unusually wide set of capabilities in a single platform tailored to the needs of the full range of K-6 and 7-12 within a familiar, social-style user experience.

Edsby is used district-wide by K-12 districts, including some of the top 10 largest in North America. It has been licensed for national use by the New Zealand Ministry of Education and has received more than 60 industry awards and distinctions.

At EWF, Edsby will also be previewing its new Unison education data switch and managed service. Unison helps regional governments eliminate education data silos and ensure better education data quality and actionability, safely and securely.

To arrange a meeting in advance at EWF London, contact:

Peter Schneider
VP, International