AQA Global Assessment Services

AQA Global Assessment Services

Sharing the expertise and technology that makes AQA the UK’s leading exam board

AQA is an independent education charity with over 120 years of assessment expertise and knowledge. A wide variety of expert consultants and cutting-edge tools make it possible for us to coordinate the complex processes that make us the most chosen exam board in England.

Through AQA Global Assessment Services we make these services available to other leading assessment providers around the world who want to scale up and modernise their own provision. We work in partnership with education ministries, exam boards, and education providers to understand their needs to help:

  • Strengthen standards and quality
  • Gain efficiencies in costs and resources
  • Implement technology to deliver at scale
  • Improve outcomes for learners

What we do

We provide all levels of support, from the latest digital technology to the design and delivery of new curriculums.

Through AlphaPlus consultancy we offer expert support in planning, developing, delivering and evaluating assessments. We develop high-stakes on-paper and on-screen assessments for many public and private sector awarding bodies and professional certification agencies. We also offer training programmes to help certification agencies develop their own teams’ skills and capacity.

With our advanced GradeMaker Pro authoring and item banking software we can help you to streamline your test production processes in a highly secure way. In this platform you can manage everything from question workflows to automated paper typesetting in a way which boosts both efficiency and improved assessment quality.

The GradeMaker Analytics tool enables you to monitor national education outcomes with an advanced results analysis dashboard which can help you do everything from spotting knowledge gaps to comparing school performance.

Our world-leading e-Marker technology significantly improves security, data accuracy, speed of marking, integrity, and reliability by scanning papers and presenting them to markers electronically. It is proven to bring improvements in marking quality with real-time marker monitoring and proactive malpractice management.

Reports and articles

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