Safeguard your national internet rollout by fixing the connectivity problem

ApplianSys can play a small but vital role in your nation’s journey to transform education via connected classrooms and e-learning.

We safeguard nationwide internet rollouts to schools by fixing the connectivity problem which exists for schools everywhere, but especially in the developing world.

Web caching is vital for the success of your schools e-learning initiatives. Without caching, your education transformation programmes will take years longer, fail to serve rural communities equitably and cost your nation many $millions more than necessary.

ApplianSys is the world’s specialist in this niche area, with customers in 156 countries. We have been working with large education authorities on large-scale schools deployments since 2001 and are working with many governments worldwide. The largest project we are currently working on involves a 10,000 school roll-out.

Because of our global experience over this time, we understand the critical success factors not just for our own specialist area and technology. We have seen lessons learned on the whole range of factors which you must manage for national success on the e-learning journey.

We would be delighted to meet with you and your team for a brief explanation of why our specialist area is vital to your plans, and identify whether we can help you as you develop your national initiatives.