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Amira Learning

Amira Learning is the first reading science-based intelligent tutor for students to accelerate English and Spanish reading mastery. Amira is now at work with over 2,000,000+ students across 3500+ diverse schools in 19 countries across the world, and has been implemented across some of the largest school districts and provinces in these regions. Within these communities, children regularly reading with Amira are growing twice as fast as kids who don’t use Amira. Importantly, multilingual learners show as good or greater acceleration in both English and Spanish literacy.

Amira is based on decades of research at Carnegie Mellon University and augmented by leading reading and data scientists. The AI avatar listens to students read out loud, assesses mastery, screens for dyslexia, and delivers personalized 1:1 tutoring for students who are learning to read. As students read aloud, Amira uses AI to decipher what obstacles the young reader is facing, selecting in real-time from over 60 reading science-based micro-interventions to bridge specific reading skills gaps. Amira acceleates reading mastery by providing decodable texts, guided practice, and explicit systematic instruction in phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary and comprehension. In research conducted by leading Universities, and ongoing use in school districts, Amira has demonstrated the ability to help children grow as much as giving each child their own certified human tutor.

Each reading session with Amira also generates real-time actionable data for teachers and administrators, including automated running records, progress reports, and diagnostic data to help guide direct instruction. Amira acts as a teacher’s aid and force multiplier for teachers to support early readers. The Amira program is an easy lift, and can be used on all standard hardware and is available 24x7 to students, both at home and in the classroom.

Because of Amira's proven track record to dramatically accelerate literacy rates across entire communities, several leading education and technology publications regularly recognize Amira for its impact and innovation. Among these accolades includes the 2023 CODiE Award recipient, TIME magazine's Best Invention in Edtech, and Forbes AI 50 list. In addition, Amira works with several global development organizations and the largest foundations around the world to support government initiatives to adopt disruptive, scalable and affordable literacy focused solutions.

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