Yb Dr  Maszlee Malik

YB Dr Maszlee Malik

Minister of Education, Malaysia

YB Dr Maszlee Malik is the 19th Education Minister of Malaysia. A former Assistant Professor at the International Islamic University, Malaysia (IIUM), he obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Al al-Bayt University, Jordan and pursued a Master’s degree at the University of Malaya, both in the fields of Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and Usul al-Fiqh (Principles of Islamic jurisprudence). He later furthered his studies at the School of Government and International Affairs from the University of Durham, United Kingdom, and received a doctorate in the field of Good Governance in 2011. While pursuing his doctoral studies at Durham University, he served as a tutor for the course on ‘Introduction to Islam and the Muslim World’ for political science students and also spoke on topics like ‘Political Islamic Movements in South-East Asia’. He has a strong command of both classical and modern Arabic. To date, YB Dr Maszlee Malik has contributed to a number of think tanks such as the Penang Institute, the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) Kuala Lumpur, and ISEAS Yusuf Ishak Institute, Singapore. His area of interest are Islamic Jurisprudence, Contemporary Islamic Political Thoughts and Movements, and Good Governance. He is well-known for his moderate Islamic thinking, and his passion for multi-ethnic harmonious relations. YB Dr Maszlee Malik is also the author of numerous books and essays published by international and local publishers.

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