Baroness Scotland

Rt Hon Baroness Scotland QC

Secretary-General of the Commonwealth

Rt Hon Baroness Scotland QC took office as Secretary-General of the Commonwealth in April 2016 and serves the 53 governments and 2.4 billion people of the Commonwealth. Building on the Commonwealth Advantage of shared inheritances, and similarities of law and administration, its members are committed to creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future for all. The people and institutions of the Commonwealth work together through a broad range of intergovernmental, civil society, cultural, and professional organisations committed to sharing the values and principles of the Commonwealth Charter that cherish equality of opportunity and celebrate diversity. The Commonwealth Secretariat works alongside member countries to promote democracy and good governance. Justice, with respect for human rights under rule of law, is understood as the foundation both for economic development with sustainable growth, trade and investment, and for inclusive social progress – particularly through the empowerment of women and youth. A lawyer by profession, she became the first black, and youngest, woman ever to be appointed Queen's Counsel. She is the only woman since the post was created in 1315 to be Attorney General for England and Wales, and was also Attorney General for Northern Ireland. Appointed to the House of Lords as Baroness Scotland of Asthal in 1997, she has been Alderman for Bishopsgate Ward in the City of London since 2015, and Chancellor of the University of Greenwich since 2014.

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