Shimon Schocken

Professor Shimon Schocken

Co-founder, Matific

Professor Shimon Schocken is a computer scientist and educator who has taught at NYU, Harvard, Stanford, and IDC universities. Shimon enjoys developing innovative courses and open source software to promote free, web-based science education. He is best known for developing “Nand to Tetris,” an open-source approach for teaching applied computer science. This project evolved into one of the rst successful MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), taken freely by thousands of self-learners over the web. Shimon developed and is presently teaching a course which is listed among Coursera’s ten top-rated courses, and is co-founder of Mati c, a company that developed award-winning products for teaching mathematics using online games. Mati c is now used in 46 countries and is available in 26 languages. 

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