Sengdeuane Lanchantaboune

HE Sengdeuane Lanchanthaboun

Minister of Education And Sports, Lao Pdr

Minister Sengdeuane Lanchanthaboun has been the Minister of Education and Sports in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic since 2016. She began her career in education as a mathematic lecturer at Pedagogy University which is currently known as the National University of Laos. She was then appointed to the position of UNESCO expert counterpart in secondary education. She served as the Director General of Teacher Education Department for seven years before being appointed as a Deputy Minister of Education and Sports. In addition to these positions she has held many signi cant leadership roles in education development at both national and regional levels At the national level, she has been appointed as a chair of the National Committee on Human Resources Development and at the regional level she used to be a vice chair of SEAMEO RECSAM (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics). 

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