Gavin Dykes

Gavin Dykes

Programme Director, Education World Forum


As a Director of the Education World Forum, Gavin’s responsibilities include developing the event’s programme each year, along with liaising with ministers and experts across the globe. Gavin is also Programme Director of the Asian Summit on Education and Skills, which last took place in Delhi in 2018, and he has been facilitator for the OECD at events including, most recently, the Skills Summit in Porto. He acts as advisor to the NEA Foundation’s Global Learning Fellows Program and sits on the advisory boards for a number of developing edtech organisations, including University of the People. Gavin has also worked with organisations such as UNESCO on its International Bureau of Education’s Advisory Board for curriculum development, and has advised numerous governments and agencies on education, innovation and technology strategy, most recently in Jordan. Gavin has experience of teaching in further education colleges and universities and has conducted research and authored reports on education, innovation and technology for organisations including the World Bank, the Innovation Unit and major corporations.

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