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Diana Mwai

Kenya Program Director, Educate!

Diana is the Kenya Program Director at Educate!, a non-profit social enterprise that prepares youth to succeed in today's economy. Diana leads Educate!'s operations, programming, and government relations in Kenya, where Educate! is partnering with the Ministry of Education and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development on the ongoing Competence Based Curriculum Reforms. Diana joined Educate! in February 2013 with her background of working in youth skills development, entrepreneurship, and child protection across Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia. She has played a key role in fueling Educate!'s scale and impact: in 2018, Educate! intensively impacted more than 44,000 students and partnered with the governments of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda to integrate components of its proven model into national education systems. Diana holds a degree in Economics from the University of Nairobi and a Masters in Public Management from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. She is passionate about working with young people and believes they are the solution to Africa’s poverty related challenges.

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