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Wizenoze was founded in 2013 after the findings of a large Academic Research Project, funded by the European Commission, showed that the internet is challenging to use for learning and schoolwork.

To address this, founders Diane Janknegt and Theo Huibers created a way for education policy makers, curriculum designers and teachers to cut through misinformation, identify relevant educational content, and deliver information appropriate to a learner’s reading ability by using the latest AI technology.

Our work with policy makers, schools, teachers and students helps to ensure structure in a world of information overload. The Wizenoze searchable digital library is curated to be expansive, diverse, reliable, safe and easily integrated into schools’ learning platforms or governmental knowledge hubs so that learners can access educational information on the internet that matches their curriculum, age and reading level.

Since its inception, Wizenoze has gained recognition from Disrupt 100, Forbes, and Google. We foster trust through open and consistent communication with our partners and customers, because nothing compares to knowing that we are having a genuine impact on global education standards and helping improve the lives of real people in the real world.

Wizenoze is available in English and Dutch, operates internationally and has offices in Amsterdam -The Netherlands, London - UK, New Delhi - India and will soon be opening in the MENA region.


Founder Diane Janknegt: diane@wizenoze.com

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