About TokuOra

As 97% of students do not know who or what they’ll be, TokuOra (means ‘My Life’ in Maori ) psychometrically matches Students/ Citizens/Veterans/Parolees to Careers via our proprietary software which uses Algorithms, AI and Machine Learning putting them in the right Career or Post -Secondary Course/Program.

TokuOra works on a cognitive level, the volume of additional meaning the value you can pack in on top of it with respect to career reinforcement, career guidance, life guidance, self-esteem enforcement, purpose formation, critical thinking, etc. is immensely valuable - and defensible.

What we do:

  • Psychometrically match Students to 1-5 Careers
  • Show them a video of Career
  • Show them the Skills needed
  • Match them to Colleges, Community Colleges, Trade Schools
  • Present options to be upskilled/reskilled
  • Shown open jobs (currently we have over 770,000)

Our Mission is:

  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety of Students
  • Reducing Suicide of Students
  • Reducing Suicide of Veterans
  • Reducing re-entry of Parolees
  • Overall better quality of Mental Health and Equality
  • Putting COVID employed back into the ‘right’ Career
  • Help those who are low-socio economic get on a level playing field

We are here to help students become the citizens they want to be.