Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that consists of more than 50 entities working in the areas of education, research, and community development.

Our unique learning ecosystem at QF caters to infants from six months old through to students and researchers at the postgraduate level. This range of professional and academic diversity is unlike any other system in the world, offering communities in Qatar and around the world opportunities for lifelong learning.

By bringing together talented people from across Qatar and the world, and partnering with leading international institutions, we have created an environment that encourages both personal initiative and collaboration. These efforts are grounded in the belief that innovation can only thrive in an environment where knowledge, skills, and capabilities are shared.

This unique learning environment revolves around initiatives that address our most pressing challenges. As such, QF has created a multidisciplinary innovation hub in Qatar, where homegrown researchers are working to address local and global challenges. For over two decades, we have been driving regional innovation, fostering social development, and preparing our brightest minds to tackle tomorrow’s biggest challenges today.

By promoting a culture of lifelong learning and fostering social engagement, QF is committed to impacting both the local and international community and contributing to a better world.

At the heart of our initiatives is the knowledge that our future lies in unlocking human potential—the most precious resource of all.