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Unleashing engagement

As a 2018 Silver Partner, onQ is honored and excited to support EWF’s progressive agenda, and to offer an innovative solution - Aspire™ - that delivers on developing individual behaviors and accelerating learning, wherever and whenever learning takes place.

Aspire combines onQ’s innovative content delivery platform for communications and learning – including patented video conversation engine technology – with Imagine Education’s renowned Point-of-Learning™ system, enabling deeper learner engagement and a more meaningful experience with improved outcomes for individuals and entire communities. Ultimately, Aspire provides the best of face-to-face and digital learning in a single solution, at a fraction of the cost.

 To see how we empower facilitated, open learner conversations with content and each other, and how we capture & credit demonstrated in-the-moment learning, please contact us to set an appointment at EWF or visit us in the sponsor networking area. Also, remember to ask us how Aspire delivers actionable analytics based on engagement, influence, sentiment, and behavioral performance.

We look forward to meeting you.

To learn more about onQ and the Aspire solution, visit or contact Hendrik P. Brons, Director – International Region, at or +41 76 411 66 88.

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