Unlimited Learning Ecosystems

At ODILO we are not satisfied with society’s traditional way of educating. Everyone agrees, education must transition from the traditional paradigm to a new paradigm: more personalized processes, quality education for all, skills-based training, improvement of the skills and unique interests of each person, training of habits and tools, lifelong learning, effective involvement, and support from the learner environment.

That is why we urgently need a movement that pushes organizations not to limit learning and achieve people's maximum potential. We believe that this evolution is important and necessary for our society and we assume the challenge of leading it, as well as working every day to help any educational organization have the tools (technology, content, people, knowledge, training, etc.) to be able to carry it out.

Odilo’s mission is to create equity in education by making the highest quality digital content accessible and affordable to all. We want to help everyone achieve their full potential by providing personalized, intelligent, and unlimited learning experiences.

Odilo is an Unlimited learning Ecosystem that provides one-click access to the largest catalog in the world, with access to millions of titles from thousands of top providers in all digital formats, 43 languages, and a fully personalized learning experience based on the interests, characteristics, and needs of each user and each organization.

We are a company providing a horizontal value proposition that is consistent across all the different verticals and markets we operate. We are building a new category in the education market: Unlimited Learning Ecosystems, to solve the critical problems in the education system.

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