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Matific has been specifically designed to address global issues faced in primary mathematics classrooms. Educators all over the world are reporting that mathematics can be challenging to teach as students become increasingly disengaged. Matific ensures that students thoroughly enjoy their learning by creating content that develops a deep conceptual understanding whilst simultaneously promoting a positive relationship with mathematics.

Matific is aligned with a wide range of national curricula (47 and growing); this has led to multiple partnerships with Ministries of Education around the world. Each activity is designed to build solid mathematical foundations upon which, real, authentic learning can be built. With Matific, students are given various real-world problem-solving tasks, that require the application of mathematical skills to solve them.

Matific’s global reach has also led it to become an indispensable tool for bilingual learning. Matific has been translated into over 40 languages and is used all around the world in schools where learners speak multiple languages.

The results achieved by schools using Matific continue to be compared to the high performing countries of Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan; A student’s progression through Matific’s activities are carefully structured to provide a secure platform from which educators can extend their teaching.

Matific has proven to help improve result by 34% *

For these reasons, primary schools across the world are making the switch to Matific every day.

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Craig Shotland, CEO, Matific

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