The world-leading personal learning platform

Kortext is the world-leading student learning content and engagement platform – helping universities in their mission to educate the next generation of difference makers.

We support universities worldwide by supplying their students with a personalised study space that connects them to their learning materials, to each other, and to their academics. Using the Kortext platform, students can access over 2 million eBooks and digital content from over 4,500 top education publishers like Wiley, McGraw Hill and Oxford University Press.

The platform provides a personalised bookshelf that easily embeds into existing virtual learning environments, so students and academics can engage with their course content, textbooks, OER and academic-generated resources – anytime, anywhere. And with Kortext’s interactive study tools, students can annotate texts, export references and collaborate with their peers and academics directly through their bookshelf, for an engaging and research-led learning experience.

Universities can gain unique insight into how students engage with their learning content by using Kortext’s real-time data analytics dashboard. With information on content usage, study patterns and learning behaviours readily available, right down to individual student level, Kortext is helping librarians and academics to make informed decisions on acquisition, drive improvements to learning journeys and, where needed, provide tailored support to individual students.

In 2021, Kortext was accessed from 208 countries and territories around the world and is rapidly being adopted for single courses, whole institutions and across entire countries. Being a cloud-based, digital platform, entire populations can benefit from Kortext as countries strive to develop Smart Nations where access to technology offers exciting opportunities for all. With global reach, Kortext is supporting the growth of transnational education by enabling students far and wide to work together and share different cultural perspectives.

Kortext also partners with major government and education bodies, global technology companies like Microsoft, and non-profit charities like Girl Rising to help enhance the student experience and support access to learning for students from all countries and backgrounds.