The world-leading personal learning platform

Kortext is the world-leading personal learning platform providing access to over half a million digital textbooks and digital content from over 1,000 of the world’s leading education publishers, such as: Wiley, Pearson, Elsevier, McGraw Hill, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press. The Kortext platform can also provide access to OER material and allows students to create a truly personal bookshelf by also downloading course packs, lecture notes, presentation slides, and other subject relevant content, as well as personal ebooks.

The user experience is paramount to Kortext and the platform provides students with an enhanced learning experience through its range of smart learning tools. Allowing users to annotate their texts, view interactive content and collaborate with peers, students can connect with content in a way that is far more engaging than anything offered by a printed book.

Kortext also provides access to powerful learning analytics dashboards, which create detailed data sets on how, when and which digital content is being used. These data sets help provide a deeper insight into learning habits and can be used to help inform decision making and create personalised learning paths.

Kortext is rapidly being adopted around the world, from single course or institution to country wide provision. Being a scalable, cloud-based digital platform means that access to the platform can benefit an entire population as countries strive to develop as ‘Smart Nations’, such as the recent Egyptian Knowledge Bank initiative. Kortext also partners around the world with global technology companies such as Microsoft, HP and Samsung to accelerate the adoption of digital learning.


Kortext News

Kortext raises £15m from dmg ventures to accelerate platform development roadmap