Forever Learn

Forever Learn

A nationally integrated learning experience platform provider providing solutions to enable true blended learning

Forever Learn is a strategic learning and reform partner for governments and international organisations committed to improving national economic and social growth.

Our end-to-end learning solutions address educational, social, and economic barriers to ensure students and youth are learning to their full potential and are skilled and accredited for new worlds of work.

Forever Learn's “last mile” framework includes blended professional learning for teachers and leaders, accelerated skills acquisition through workplace-integrated learning for youth, and sustainable infrastructure such as connectivity and power for schools.

Our scalable and sustainable programmes are adapted to the language and cultural context of our customers and are co-designed with those who will implement these transformational reforms.

Having managed over 300 education projects globally, our team has the international and national expertise to deliver successful reform and local capacity building initiatives that ensure ongoing innovation and sustainability for governments around the world.

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