EF Education First

EF Education First

Helping you build a more prosperous future


EF is in the business of changing people’s lives and unlocking new opportunities for individuals, organizations and countries.

Founded in Sweden in 1965 with a mission to “open the world through education”, EF has become the world’s largest private education company with 46,500 teachers, researchers and staff in over 500 schools and offices globally.

We take pride in designing, developing and delivering impactful, innovative, scalable, measurable and cost-effective language training and executive education programs for the world’s most demanding companies and government institutions. We help millions of people achieve their full individual potential and help their organizations improve.

We engage in public-private partnerships because we believe that they can create significant positive impact on human capital development as well as the countries’ competitiveness.

If you are planning to build a more prosperous future for your organization or country as a whole, get in touch. We would love to help.

EF research

EF publishes annually the EF English Proficiency Index – the world’s largest ranking of adult English proficiency in more than 70 countries.

EF has also developed the world’s first free standardized English proficiency test – the EF English Standard English Test.


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