CENTURY is an award-winning AI education technology company that believes every student deserves a world-class education tailored to their needs, no matter their background.

Our team of teachers, neuroscientists and technologists develop world-leading artificial intelligence tools and curriculum-aligned resources for schools, colleges and governments across the world as well as powering third-party learning and development environments.

Founded by entrepreneur Priya Lakhani OBE in 2013, CENTURY’s mission is to help teachers across the world to remove learning roadblocks so that every student can succeed.

CENTURY’s scalable technology creates a constantly adapting personalised learning path for every student across any curriculum in any language. It provides teachers, school leaders and ministries of education with real-time rich data insights to make effective targeted interventions. Our powerful SaaS platform is used by leading schools around the world, and has been implemented by ministries of education on a national and regional scale.


Will Lock, Director of Global Partnerships, will.lock@century.tech, +44 (0)1832 771 808

Further information

Learn more about CENTURY here and watch a video on how our platform works in classrooms here.

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