Building the future together with you

We believe every child has the right to a high-quality education.

That’s why we leverage in-depth teacher training and support, advanced learning materials and wireless technology to empower teachers, principals and local leaders to create powerful public schools.

Bridge uses experience gained from educating more than 500,000 pupils in five countries over the last decade to help transform learning. We currently run or support over 1000 schools.

We iterate in our approach, based on evidence that we collect in real-time on what’s working and what’s not. This is the foundation of our strong academic results across multiple years and multiple countries. We have a range of independent evidence from DFID studies, international tests, Randomised Control Trials and national exams that prove the approach is working.

  • Children in government schools supported by Bridge have achieved double the learning of their peers in regular government schools in Liberia.
  • In Nigeria, children in government schools supported by Bridge are out-performing their peers in regular government schools.
  • In Kenya, children from Bridge schools have out-performed the national average in government exams for four consecutive years.
  • Independently administered exams show that for reading in early grades, the gains from attending Bridge are equivalent to 64 more days of learning in a single school year.
  • Independently administered exams show that for mathematics, the gains from attending Bridge are equivalent to 26 more days of learning in a single school year.

An emphasis on high-quality teaching leads Bridge to tailor instruction to meet pupils’ needs and improves learning.

  • Bridge training prepares teachers to teach interactive lessons, lead small groups and 1:1 instruction, and deploy effective techniques such as cold calling and narrating the positive.
  • By using connected devices, designed specifically for low-infrastructure environments, we deliver professionally developed, up-to-the-minute lesson plans, based on national curriculums, that provide every classroom with the core foundation of a successful learning experience.
  • Our teacher computers record attendance - of both teachers and pupils - and assessment scores, track lesson pacing and measure pupil results and comprehension. More than a hundred million data points are collected each year.
  • This frees teachers from the time-intensive planning and administrative tasks to focus on what matters, teaching.

Relationships matter at Bridge. That’s why we are committed to teamwork and collaboration both with the countries where we work and in the classroom.

  • We work with each country or state to develop teacher and pupil learning materials aligned to the national syllabus, developed through collaboration between world leaders in education and country-based experts.
  • With a decade of experience, strong teams in both Africa and Asia, we are here to help build a more prosperous future together with you.


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