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AQA Assessment Services is a global organisation, making our expertise available to governments, national-scale examination bodies, vocational, professional and school awarding organisations and other education stakeholders. Our core capabilities are focussed around designing and delivering world class assessments, offering bespoke consultancy services, leveraging leading edge research to inform our practices, offering curriculum and qualification development services and end-to-end examination services and technologies. We are passionate about sharing our expertise, best practices and capabilities to help organisations advance their education and assessment outcomes for learners, teachers and policy-makers.

AQA Assessment Services is part of the AQA Group, which is the UK’s largest exam board, setting and marking more than half the GCSE’s and A-Levels taken in the UK every year. Assessment Services combines our collective know-how from across the organisation to deliver a broad range of services, propositions, technologies and capabilities at scale, both domestically and internationally. The AQA Group is comprised of several subsidiaries that collectivel enable us to deliver end-to-end services. Via AQA Milton Keynes (formerly DRS), we offer a suite of marking software, hardware, operational expertise and a range of Bureau services to facilitate the processing of high-stakes exams at scale. AlphaPlus is AQA’s education and assessment consultancy which supports awarding bodies and education stakeholders at all levels in meeting a wide range of needs from strategic consultancy, design and development, implementation delivery, measurement and evaluation.

What we do

We work closely with governments, regulators, certification bodies, international development organisations and publishers to continuously drive innovation in education and assessment and ultimately improve life chances for learners. AQA’s core business is built around deep domain knowledge of assessment design and delivery, robust technologies and quality-driven processes that ensure the integrity of high-stakes assessments. We apply this foundation across a vast range of subjects and types of qualifications in a tightly regulated environment, so that learners get the results they deserve along with a respected qualification that enhances their future opportunities. AQA Assessment Services is how we share this passion with like-minded organisations.

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