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Alpha Publishing

Your ultimate gateway to learning

Alpha Publishing is emerging as a leading international learning solutions provider, producing high-quality programs and resources meeting the educational requirements for schools and ministries worldwide.

We deliver up-to-date, personalized and market-leading content through our carefully designed books and eAlpha, our Learning Management System.

We are learner-centered and our content brings 21st century skills to life in real-world scenarios. Our holistic approach champions diversity, inclusion, and promotes social cohesion while preventing gender disparity. Alpha Publishing's mission is to remove the barriers to experiential education.

Our internationally certified and accredited programs directly align to either the CCSS, NGSS or CEFR and contain academic differentiation, enabling students and education partners to measure their progress against global benchmarks.

As part of our commitment to support the education system worldwide, our global publishing team works closely with our in-house MEL Unit, using the latest pedagogical research and impact studies to provide content and material that educators can rely on to support the learning journeys of students around the world.

Our Training and Development Department provides comprehensive and tailored trainings for schools covering product implementation, model lessons and soft skills, guaranteed to improve student learning and engagement, as well as upskilling your teaching staff.

eAlpha, our intuitive eLearning platform, creates an engaging classroom setting that connects students with teachers providing them with a collaborative, interactive and mobile teaming environment that impacts every aspect of their education.

Alpha Publishing is committed to advancing education in our local, as well as global, communities, and we have strategically partnered with globally-renowned companies to offer innovative solutions further complementing our offerings.


Mattias Ardfelt, President

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