AfricanBrains & ArabBrains

AfricanBrains & ArabBrains

Bringing Government, Industry & Civil Society Together

AfricanBrains along with our sister brand ArabBrains are part of Brains Innovations Summits Ltd. The company is dedicated to promoting and generating investment into education, ICTs, science and research in Africa and the Middle East. We work closely with ministries of education, higher education and ICT to bring them the best solution providers from industry. Year round communications and partnership building culminates in major meetings-based forums for these emerging markets.

The two leading annual forums are the Innovation Africa Summit and the MENA Innovation Forum which are supported by partners from government and industry. Innovation Africa has now developed into the leading annual event for education and ICT in Africa that includes the participation of key investment partners such as Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, IBM, Discovery Education, Amazon, Bi-Bright, JP-IK, Pearson, Cambridge, Promethean, Wiley and Positivo, Toshiba amongst others.

These investors in education and ICT work with Brains Innovation Summits for the purpose of engaging ministers and officials of education and ICT from Africa and the Middle East. In 2019 we will see the ArabBrains brand organise MENA Innovation in Muscat, Oman 16-18 September under the patronage of the Omani Government and the AfricanBrains brand organising Innovation Africa 2019 in Accra, Ghana, 26-28 November under the patronage of the Ghanaian Government.

In addition AfricanBrains will also be organising a special economic and investment summit for Equatorial Guinea in October 2019

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