Through Cellcove Ltd, Gavin Dykes acts as an independent advisor addressing and developing innovation, learning and technology within education systems and organisations.

Gavin has wide experience of working in national and international policy for education through to development of learning through innovative courses and classroom practice in sectors including schools, vocational colleges, and universities. He has Initiated, designed and led innovations including, for example, development of education programs for young professional footballers for the Football Association Premier League and development of e-learning strategy for the Government of Malta.

He has led programme development for the Education World Forum for over ten years, and has worked with with Ministers, other leaders and learners of all ages. Gavin has worked on education developments and projects in countries from Azerbaijan to Qatar and Morocco to Malta.

Gavin's goal is to provide real, engaging and relevant education opportunities for learners, and that lead to support for society and government. In particular, he focuses on investing in young people and their ideas and supporting emerging leaders.

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