Creating Powerful Public Schools

Creating Powerful Public Schools

30th January 2017

The Education World Forum (EWF) follows the World Economic Forum in the global calendar, bringing together government ministers and policy experts from around the world to discuss how we can improve education outcomes. When governments, charities, NGOs and others all come together, the focus is often on how innovation and partnerships can create more effective education models, particularly in developing economies.

It is a conversation that is essential, knowing that millions of children are still either not in education, or are in-school but not learning. The global community must confront the education challenge, it must ensure these young people are empowered and given the foundations necessary to lead successful lives.

As leaders in this sector, we are all too familiar with the number of young children who are being let down, and we believe that a partnership model is an effective way to fill the gap. In developing economies, public private partnerships are proving to be highly effective in making a real impact where it’s most needed. For example, in Liberia, Bridge has partnered with the government to deliver education across an initial 25 schools. It’s taking the best of both worlds, public and private, and bringing them together.

Partnerships, such as the one Bridge offers, provides the reassurance of being part of a national education system, combined with the advantages of a technology based education.
Bridge takes a data driven approach and embraces technology in all classes to record teacher and pupil attendance, follows assessment scores, tracks lesson pace and measures pupil results and comprehension. Bridge offers every partner:

  • An internet-connected tablet in every teacher’s hands
  • World class digital content refreshed every day and delivered digitally
  • Real-time monitoring of teacher and pupil attendance
  • Data from assessments driving instructor decisions
  • A billion data points analysed and presented to decision makers

Digitally enabled schools provide local and national government with full transparency on progress and outcomes. Governments can see in almost real-time, how many students are learning and where, how effective the teachers are, and monitor results. This data sharing offers governments a new, unprecedented level of information and insight into their schools.

The partnerships Bridge currently runs are just the start of its ambitions to help deliver a revolution in data driven, technology based education models. The education forum will enable these models to be discussed and analyzed and will hopefully give those yet to embark on a Bridge Partnership, the inspiration to do so.

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