Cambridge University Press partners with the UAE’s Ministry of Education to deliver excellence in English

Cambridge University Press partners with the UAE’s Ministry of Education to deliver excellence in English

23rd January 2017

The UAE Ministry of Education and Cambridge University Press are engaged in an exciting and innovative new partnership to bring the latest international best practice to the learning and teaching of English.

Together, experts from Cambridge and the UAE have built a modern English curriculum that will raise English proficiency levels across the country, in line with the UAE Vision National Agenda 2021. Cambridge is adapting internationally recognised materials to suit the local context and needs of students in the UAE, as well as providing training and support for the Ministry’s lead teachers to effectively implement the new Bridge to Success series. Bridge to Success is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), and reflects the most up-to-date approach to English language learning. It embeds core 21st century competencies into the learning of English, equipping students with key skills for both their future studies, and their later careers.

‘Our collaboration with the Ministry over the Bridge to Success programme is a partnership of which we feel very proud,’ said Rodrick Smith, Global Managing Director of Education at Cambridge University Press. ‘Our teams have worked together to develop materials and training to support delivery of the new curriculum in an engaging, and relevant way. The Ministry’s determination to develop the language skills of teachers and learners across the UAE using this new approach has been inspirational.

Alongside the Ministry of Education, we recognise the central importance of English in any educational strategy, not only as a core 21st century competency, but also to underpin learning and skills across the curriculum, particularly in STEM subjects.’

Cambridge University Press is the world’s oldest media business, established in 1534, and is the publishing arm of the University of Cambridge. Its methods and approaches in the teaching and learning of English reflect the most up-to-date research and international best practice.

Chief Executive Peter Phillips said 'High quality resources clearly help teachers and students achieve better results. English is an essential skill in a globally connected world and we at Cambridge are delighted to be partnering with the UAE in this important initiative for the country’s young learners.’

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Leanne McCormick
PR Manager, Cambridge University Press

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