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Our vision is to lead international standards in education and support educational reform that increases opportunities for learners and gives them the skills they need for the best possible start in life.

In partnership we work together to support the mission of the University of Cambridge, which is: to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence.

We are not-for-profit departments of the University of Cambridge, dedicated to supporting high-quality education all over the world.

We work with ministries of education, policy makers, academics and other stakeholders in more than 170 countries.

We work together with these groups to help formulate and deliver policies that bring real educational benefits and equip young people with the skills they need for success in the modern world.

Our experience, which dates back more than 150 years, has taught us that one size does not fit all. We recognise that good education must reflect not just international best practice, but also national identity and local reality.

We believe change cannot succeed in education without the support of multiple stakeholders. Genuine partnership is fundamental, when we attempt to bring international experience to bear on national education challenges in the 21st century.

Our offer

We support:

  • The development of whole system education reform which aligns curriculum assessment and pedagogy.
  • The design, development and implementation of national examination systems, benchmarked to international standards.
  • The provision of quality assurance and accreditation of local qualifications.
  • The development of a coherent, well-structured language policy.
  • Technical and vocational programmes: We develop and deliver vocational qualifications to schools and colleges. We work closely with employers and training providers to develop and deliver work related assessments that support progression to employment or higher study.
  • Designing curricula that develops students’ higher thinking skills to help them bridge the gap to the next stage of education and the world of work.
  • Teacher development: We encourage a culture of lifelong learning, and provide professional development to help teachers improve their performance and professional practice.
  • Consultancy and training: We provide consultancy advice on developing resources to support collaborative problem solving skills and individual student progress.
  • Digital learning: We advise on developing effective digital learning assessment content and solutions aligned to local curricula.
  • The provision of high-quality learning resources through a comprehensive range of print and digital resources aligned to local curricula.

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Hanan Khalifa, Head of International Education Cambridge English Language Assessmen

Tristian Stobie, Director, Education Cambridge International Examinations

Jane Mann, Director of Education Reform  Cambridge University Press

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