Social Media Policy

10th September 2014

The Education World Forum Social Media Policy


The Education World Forum features several sessions that can be discussed and shared via social media by attendees to enable the vital conversations that take place during this Forum to be shared with a wider audience.

Delegates, industry partners and press are invited to continue debates and conversations using the Forum’s official Hashtag, #EWF2015 during the keynote debates other sessions to be confirmed.

We ask that attendees follow the guidelines below to ensure that social media supports the vital conversation and debates that take place during the open part of the Forum.

Please note

  • At certain times (to be confirmed) sessions are closed and the use of social media is restricted
  • We request that attendees refrain from sharing photographs or videos of any attendees other than those speaking in the open sessions

Forum Social Media Guidelines

  • You are encouraged to share interesting third party content relating to the Forum, e.g. Forum press announcements, media articles, blogs and announcements made during the open part of the Forum but only if you are certain of its political impartiality and if it is appropriate
  • Please remember to take cultural sensitivities into account and avoid posting anything that could be considered offensive by anyone who may see the page
  • Do not post or share anything that breaches copyright
  • Do not post or share anything that could be construed as advertising or promoting a commercial company when using the Forum’s hashtag
  • Do not disclose information that is classified or privileged; respect ministers’ confidentiality
  • For open debate sessions, please feel free to carry the debate online but please avoid any heated discussions

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